Monday, January 25, 2010

Another gray day...

January has rolled around once again, bringing with it dull gray skies and the desire to travel to exotic locales....sigh. Oh well, that's why they invented tanning beds! I never feel like I have anything worthwhile to write about, hence the lack of blogging since July. But I am willing to give it a go!
I am back in school. My last semester went pretty well. My lowest grade was a B, so I feel pretty good about that (considering my academic past). Steve is still working on the farm, and enjoying it. He has been working on a biblical comic strip, which has been picked up bu our church and an e-magazine. He is pleased that his comics are taking off, and I am happy that he is happy!

Everything else is pretty much the same! I have been haveing some lazy days with our pets (see below picture for an idea of how that plays out).

Hopefully I will be more up to date with this little project of mine in the future. For now, I am going to make some homemade maccaroni and cheese and attempt to bake some gluten free bread (again. it has yet to turn out well).

Here are some pictures!

Steve and Marley having some quality time

Here's where I'd rather be... sigh.

Friday, July 10, 2009

5 more days 'till Harry Potter....

Wow, July already. And I have not posted anything since April. I am not good at this whole, blogging thing. But that's ok, I can only get better.

As you may have guessed from the title, I am super excited for the release of the new Harry Potter movie. It has been two years since the last one, and I just re-read the last 3 books so I am primed and ready for this movie! Steve and I are going to try to go in the middle of the week to aviod the crowds. We went and saw the last one the weekend it opened, and it was a gong show. Teenagers everywhere. *Shudder*

There are actually other new developments besides my Harry Potter-itis (which isn't really new, it just flares up every now and then). It's summer, which means lots of work for Steve on the farm. Which he loves. Especially when it is 35 degrees outside...oh wait, that he does not love. Overall though, I think he has a good time. I finished my two semseters of school (the summer semester was not too bad, I would do that again) and did really well. For someone with a solid 'C' average in high school, those A-'s are looking pretty sweet. I am looking forward to the fall semseter and seeing if History is truly what I want to do. So far it looks good. As for work....well, I am not acutally working right now. I'm on sick leave, which is kind of a bummer. I have been refered to yet ANOTHER specialist (a more specialized one) and I am really optimistic that this guy will be able to help me and get me back in business. Literally, I guess.

So I am spending time at home and being grateful that if I have to BE at home, at least it is summer and not the middle of winter. Summer is not such a bad time to have loads of free time, it turns out. Although I did anticipate having more free time than I actually have. It seems that I still have something going on almost everyday, and am still driving up to town a couple of times a week. But it is nice that my stress levels are considerably lower than they were. I think that is helping on the road to good health.

In other news, we have kittens. Four of them to be exact. Well, three actually as one went to a new home tonight. It was sad, but I know she'll be in very good hands. And we are going to keep one, so that's nice. It will be fun to have a kitten around again. And frankly, we don't have enough animals around here.....wait a minute..... ok, maybe we have almost enough.
Well, I think that's about it for now. I am off to bed, it feels like it has been a long day, even though I don't think I got very much accomplished....well, there's always tomorrow!

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like spring...

Well, if I am going to create a blog, I should at least update it once in a while. It just never feels like there is much to say. I am finished my classes for this semseter, and that feels pretty good. now I just have to get through final exams. And then I have 5 whole days off until summer semester starts again! What a break! We are hoping to get away for a few of those days, and head up to the family cabin at Loon Lake. It will be a nice little mini-break for us (well, mainly for me).
As far as breaks this weekend, it sure doesn't look like that's in the game plan. I work tomorrow morning, and won't get home till about 3 pm. Then we are going out for a date night (after I nap all afternoon). Sunday is our church breakfast, then church, and then dinner at my mom's. Dinner with Steve's extended family is on Monday, and then we are hosting Bible Study on Tuesday. And then it's back to work on Wednesday. Not too exciting, but it fills the days.
Apart fro mthat, not too much is new. Our dog is still recovering from surgery, she had some set backs and it is taking longer to heal then we had hoped. But she is still the loveable, goofy girl we know and love!
I will try to be a better updater. I promise. And I'll try to get some pictures up too!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It finally happened...

That's right, I broke down and created a blog. Sigh. Now that real embarassment is that I am going to have to tell people about it.... It's a good thing I didn't buy that "Nobody cares about your stupid blog" T-shirt I had such a yen for. Oh well. I just figured now that we have high speed internet and I seem to be on here for hours at a time, I might as well do something semi-productive.

The lastest news with us is that our pooch had surgery last Friday on her cruciate ligament, and is now on bedrest for 3 months. That's right, not 3 weeks, 3 months. For any of you that have met Marley, you know what a challenge this presents. I am going to the vet tomorrow to pick up some sedatives. That's right, we need to drug our dog. We are those people.

Apart from that, we are still doing the same old, work at Starbucks, work on the farm, running the zoo we call home...same old, same old.